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    Build a rewards program with incentives people want

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    Let us handle everything so you can
    enjoy entertaining your clients and top performers

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    Looking to add event tickets or gift cards to your rewards catalog?

Sales Incentives

Let us help you create a sales incentive program that excites and motivates your sales force

Employee Recognition

Build loyalty and engagement with your employees and increase retention

Customer Loyalty

Turn customers into repeat customers, then get referrals

Channel Incentives

Get your accounts to push your product or service over the competition

Health & Wellness

Looking for help setting up or fulfilling a corporate Health and Wellness rewards program?

Safety Incentives

Safe behaviors should always be rewarded in the workplace

Calusa Marketing About

Calusa Marketing LLC is a technology based incentive marketing firm, specializing in building and managing digital rewards programs, and back-end fulfillment of tickets to sporting events, concerts, and theme parks, as well as electronic gift cards for rewards programs. Based in St. Petersburg, FL and founded in 2015, Calusa Marketing has over 30 years combined experience in marketing and loyalty rewards between the ownership team.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and objectives while maximizing their marketing budget by using our products and services. Creating long-lasting relationships and following our core values are what drive us on a day-to-day basis.

Calusa Marketing Core Values






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Calusa Marketing Products

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Gift Cards

Events Tickets

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gift card

Group Travel

Calusa Marketing's digital incentives are a great solution for any incentive or rewards program. There are several applications for our products including: Sales Incentives, Employee Recognition, Customer Loyalty, Channel Incentives, Health and Wellness, and Safety Incentives. All of our products are digital, so they are online based and all fulfillment is handled via email. This allows for faster delivery and better tracking, and all of our tickets and gift cards can be used via smartphones at the event/in-store, or they can be printed. Below is a brief description of our products and contact us today to learn more!

Calusa Marketing Services

With any incentive or rewards program, having great customer service and support is equally as important as the number of rewards or prizes. At Calusa Marketing, we take pride in knowing that our clients have all of the necessary resources to make sure their program is a success. We work with any size company from small businesses to Fortune 500/1000 companies, so no request is too large or small.

Program Strategy

So you want to implement an incentive or rewards program for your employees or customers, now what? Talk to the experts at Calusa Marketing to help guide you in the right direction for the proper incentive solution.

Management and Admin

Launching an incentive or rewards program on your own and not sure if you know what you’re doing? With any incentive or rewards program, there are a lot of moving parts to be aware of and manage from implementation, until program completion. By partnering with Calusa Marketing, we'll make sure that you have everything covered so you don’t have to worry about it.

Integrated Solutions

Sell incentive or rewards programs to other businesses and looking for an integrated solution to offer tickets or gift cards for your catalog? All of our ticket inventory and gift card options are API driven, so talk to us today on how we can increase your program engagement by adding our inventory to your catalog for little or no setup costs.

Rewards Fulfillment

Looking for a vendor to help you fulfill tickets to sporting events, concerts, or theme parks, or for electronic gift cards for your own program(s)? We've got you covered.

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